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New Update

Version 1.14 now includes iPhone Support!

we've just released amplifind v1.14
amplifind is now a universal app, allowing use on ipod, iphone and ipad!

also includes:

-new language support! (chinese-simplified, french, german, italian, japanese, korean, portuguese, russian, spanish)

-added faq, options and other improvements

-improved streaming and connectivity management

-many bug fixes and performance improvements

New Update

Version 1.07 Released!

hey everyone!
we recently released amplifind v1.07!


this version fixes many bugs, and includes automatic importing of

-soundcloud playlists and favorites

-spotify playlists

-grooveshark playlists


and we've also included a new search-bar assistant.


we'd love to hear what you think!

feel free to email us at


New Update



new amplifind music player and visualizer for ipad! from matthew brown on vimeo.


** video review on facebook **


check out this video review of amplifind!

see how the app works, and a brief intro of its features!


New Update

Check out this review!

new review from matt "akufu" bodell!

New Update

We want to hear from you!

check us out on facebook! at

i've been posting some screenshots, and it's an easy way to ask questions about the app!

also, follow us on twitter @amplifindapp,


i've you've tried the app, we'd love to hear what you think!

write a review on our app store page:



Approved by Apple!

after a short wait from apple, we've been approved!

looking forward to feedback--hope you enjoy it!


the current released version was built before the release of ios 7, so we have an update coming to polish the look for ios 7 --stay tuned for more updates!


Final days before submission

we are in the last days of putting all the polish we can before we launch amplifind!

easier music streaming and searching is right around the corner.

we are expecting to submit to apple in the next few days, and it will be in the store as soon as it is been approved!
looking forward to sharing our little music project with the world!