Amplifind App Available on the iPad Amplifind - The App


Amplifind MP3 Your entire iTunes music library at your fingertips, as well as any other locally downloaded audio!


Amplifind GROOVESHARK Tap into the power of Grooveshark, with over 15 million songs to listen to on-demand--search and listen to them all, in Amplifind!


Amplifind Spotify For Spotify members, have your entire Spotify library at any time, no matter what else you're listening to!


Amplifind Soundcloud Explore SoundCloud's enormous community of artists and music. SoundCloud provides a unique dynamic to the music available through Amplifind!

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What is Amplifind?

Amplifind is a music player built by music-lovers for music-lovers.

Designed to be simple and fast, Amplifind gets you to the music you want to hear whenever you want to hear it.

We tried to combine the best of cloud music services with high-quality engineering and design in building Amplifind, and we hope you try it now!

High-quality audio. Lightning-fast search. Visualizer custom-built for the iPad! Equalizer

Build playlists with music from:

We love music.
We think everyone loves music.
We're also thrifty, and get our music any way we can!

With services like iTunes, Grooveshark, Soundcloud and Spotify, getting cheap or free music is easier than ever!

Until now, this meant you had to visit each site separately to find and listen to the music you want.
Now you can access it all in one place--through Amplifind!